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Juice Lubes Tyre Juice Tyre Sealant

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Say bye-bye to the huge irritation that is punctured inner tubes by using Juice Lubes Tyre Juice! Standing on the side of the trail (most likely in the rain), wrestling with tyre and tube, making sure the rotation is the right way, re-inflating but only to realise as it goes straight back down, that there were two thorns in the tyre, not just the one you found that tore your knuckle as you felt for it – all of this can be a thing of the past!

Tyre Juice is a high quality, synthetic latex tyre sealant for use with all UST and Tubeless Systems. It forms a thin film around the inside of the tyre meaning no wheel imbalance is caused.

Depending on the size and volume of the tyre (and how careful you are during the seating process), between 50ml and 100ml of Tyre Juice will be a sufficient amount to seat the tyre and prevent punctures up to a diameter of 4mm. The initial seating process can take a little longer and is made much easier with the aid of a compressor. Once the tyre is seated properly and you have some pressure inside the tyre spin it and shake it to ensure the Tyre Juice is well spread on the inside and within 30 secs you should not hear any escaping air at all.

You may experience some loss of pressure before your first ride on a freshly seated tyre; this is normal and won’t continue long term. Sealant levels will need monitoring more regularly in arid and dry conditions.